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History of Aventura Florida

Aventura, Florida is a relatively young city, having become incorporated lower than 20 years ago in 1995. The city is located 12 miles north of Miami so they cover just 3.2 square miles, however it includes a thriving residential and corporate environment, with an annual city budget of nearly $50 million and property worth $7.3 billion. It’s tough to keep in mind that the carefully manicured model city we see today once was little more than a mangrove swamp.

The name Aventura is Spanish for “adventure,” and is believed to happen to be chosen because one of many initial area developers remarked, “What an outing this is gonna be.” The planned progression of this 35,000 member community certainly has proved interesting through the years, especially since the city strives to include attractions and services that will enable it to call home up to its motto: “City of Excellence.”

The region which is now Aventura was once called Turnberry, a name it borrowed from the famous Turnberry Isle resort. The Turnberry Isle resort was the dream child of real estate developer Donald Soffer. Starting in 1967, Soffer began to enact his plans for transforming a sandy, swampy corner of Miami-Dade County into a trendy planned residential community. The Turnberry Isle resort was the centerpiece of his plan, and throughout the 1970s more aspects of his plan carried on growing up across the resort.

The Aventura Mall was opened in 1983 and expanded in 1996. It absolutely was a key a part of Soffer’s plan and continues to be a fundamental part of the city’s identity. Numerous outdoor malls in addition to parks like Waterways Dog Park and Founders Park were also added to the city through the years.

Today, the current city of Aventura bears a detailed resemblance to Soffer’s original plans. The name could have changed, however the courses, lakes, trails, exclusive homes, shopping centers, and offices he envisioned are in place. The Turnberry Golf Course as well as the Aventura Country Club Drive Circle are particularly well known.

Other important moments in Aventura, Florida’s history are the formation of your official police in 1997 as well as the widening of Biscayne Boulevard, a principal artery with the city which is now 10 lanes wide. The establishing of the Community Recreation Center and also the city’s first charter school in 2003 were also landmark events. The Aventura Town of Excellence School is really a K-8 charter school that ranked on the list of top ten Florida schools in 2006, just Three years after it opened. The school’s admission limits are positioned at 100 students per grade, ensuring that the school’s capacity to educate students will never be compromised by overcrowding.

Other developments within the city directed at improving total well being and building a communal feeling include recent renovations to the Aventura Hospital and Clinic, that is serving the location in the present location since 1974 and gained its current name in 1993, just before the city’s incorporation.

Aventura residents and businesses alike are looking to future developments which will 1 day become history, including the expected extension of the Tri-Rail commuter rail service through Aventura in 2015.

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